The Miss Delaware Century Club was established in 2019 to enlist the support of 100 benefactors who are patrons of the Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization and are willing to contribute $100.  This donation supports the Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization.

If you would like to become a member of this elite group, please send your contribution to Century Club, Attention George Lee, 19 Versailles Court, Newark, DE  19702

Century Club Members will receive:

·     Special upfront seating and a program book with the purchase of a ticket to the state competition

·     Their name printed in the program book, on the Miss Delaware website, and in a video shown during the state competition

·     A special membership pin

Current Century Club Members (as of September 16, 2019):

Tracey Eng

George Lee

Laura Kurtz

Linda Weller

Jim Kurtz

Jessica Rivera-Rudak

Susan Collins

Carol Stevens

Howard Gordon

Ed Petrucci

Mel Weller

Sue Kuhling

Ken Maclary

Arnette Gilstrop

Ann Jones

Larry Stevens

The Bledsoe Family

The Pusey Family

In Memory of Barbara Hinemen (Miss DE ’54)

Debbie Guilloz (Miss DE ’60)

Mary Lee Kleinkauf (Miss DE ’66)

Gayle Freeman Brandt (Miss DE '68) 

Beth Jones (Miss DE ’91)

Erin Barrett (Miss DE ’02)

Linda Kurtz Risk (Miss DE ’04)