2017 LOCAL (TEEN & MISS) Paperwork


Once the field directors have qualified you for your first local, your eligibility paperwork will be carried through for all additional preliminaries you wish to compete in. After you are qualified for your first local, the only paperwork that you will be asked to submit to the next Local Executive Director, are the following documents:




General Information Sheet

Indemnity Agreement

Talent request form (If you are changing talent from one prelim to the next, otherwise, the first one on record will suffice)


Below you will find the paperwork for the 2017 STATE TEEN PAGEANT and the 2017 STATE MISS PAGEANT. Additional documents will be added as they become available so please check back. Thank you!

2017 State Teen Paperwork

2017 State Miss Paperwork

Additional Documents that are forthcoming:

  1. Hotel Release
  2. Organization Expectations