See how miss delaware has changed so many lives

Our experiences shape our lives and for me, competing in Miss Delaware formed a lifelong group of friends and dedication to community service and education.
— Beth Ann Jones, Miss Delaware 1991
What a great experience! My journey as the MDOT has provided many opportunities that have boosted my self-esteem, confidence, and public speaking skills.
— Grace Otley, MDOT 2014
I look back at my year of service, and it is incredible to see how it molded me into the person I am today. Most of all, I’m touched by the lifelong friendships made.
— Becky Bledsoe, Miss Delaware 2005
The Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization has played such a significant role in my life, providing me with educational opportunities, a career path, and lasting friendships. My year as Miss Delaware served as a launching pad for my career in broadcast television and non-profit marketing- two passions I discovered while making Miss Delaware appearances and working as an advocate for my platform, Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness and Advocacy.
— Linda Kurtz Risk, Miss Delaware 2004
Miss Delaware offered me the opportunity to fully connect with my state and its proud people. It also opened my eyes to life’s possibilities!
— -Margo Ewing Bane Woodacre, Miss Delaware 1969
Becoming Miss Delaware 1999 changed my life. Having the opportunity to build so many lasting relationships, as well as earning a scholarship that helped me pay off my student loans helped me become focused, driven, and successful. I grew as an individual by being able to interact with the great people of Delaware. I attribute the Miss Delaware program for allowing me to learn the skills that have helped me throughout my life as a professional woman, wife, and as a mother. I am forever grateful for what this program gave me, it truly shaped who I am.
— Kama Boland-Levendis, Miss Delaware 1999
My year as Miss Delaware grew my passion for public service and provided me with several opportunities to meet local, state, and federal officials. It completely transformed me into the woman I wanted to become and opened the door to my career with the Delaware State Senate.
— Heather Lehman, Miss Delaware 2009
The Miss Delaware Organization has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The lessons I learned, the confidence I gained, and the friends that I met because of this organization… it’s truly priceless.
— Maria Cahill, Miss Delaware 2011
My participation in the Miss Delaware Organization not only gave me experiences and friendships to last a lifetime, but also helped steer my future toward a passion for community service and youth development. I will always be grateful for the years and people that influenced my life as a result of being a contestant in the Miss Delaware Pageant.
— Steffi Holmes, 1st Runner-Up 2010
This organization completely shaped the person I am today. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this sisterhood of incredible women.
— Carly Economos, MDOT 2005
I discovered courage and inner strength that I never knew existed. My advice? If you want to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself, then participate in the Miss Delaware Pageant.
— Junnie Cross, Miss Delaware 2000

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